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I offer a broad overview across important areas in business. This allows your business to grow and progress faster.


The progress in the IT sphere is enormous. I therefore devote at least 50 hours a month to training and testing new effective tools.


I approach the specified tasks urgently. I therefore give priority to the reliability of the delivery of the agreed service at an express fast time.

Starting a business

Through innovation to higher profit

You've had months of business, but don't get the required sales results? Many entrepreneurs are losing track of online business and are not able to walk with the conveniences of modern technologies. This is understandable as it is not possible to prosecute in addition to business also training in marketing, SEO, Analytics, UX optimization, which significantly affect your entire business. In all this, look at the trends and try new tools to make the business more efficient. There are many online tools onthe market that can push your business to a higher profit. Order their implementation! 

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Technical Web Optimization

SEO is a set of technical procedures that will improve the visibility of your website in search engines. Your potential customers will be able to find you using search engines (Google, YouTube, Seznam, Bing List, etc.) in top positions. Without any additional expenses, you will attract more customers to your website. Your website traffic will increase and the conversion of your offered service or product will automatically increase. Since it is possible to set the "clickthrough" from browsers in a targeted way, you will bring the customer to the required sub-page of the service or goods he has searched for.

UX optimization

Improve the purchasing process

The user-experience (UX) measures the user experience of customers in the purchasing process of a service or product. If you can't sell, you probably have shopping barriers on the web or app that you don't know about. It can be a number of small things, but also huge mistakes that discourage the customer from buying. Many entrepreneurs do not know what he makes mistakes and what is worse, he does not even know how to detect them. The business owner is unable to detect and optimize errors unless he asks for the opinion of hundreds of respondents, which would cost a lot of time and money. I can identify weaknesses or weaknesses in your online business using analytical tools. I will then propose and incorporate changes that guarantee the % conversion and therefore your resulting profit from the business. Order UX optimization.

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Website Analytics


Interaction measurement

In the online business world, everything can be measured. Every single click, every single mouse movement. Every scroll wheel, every key pressed. How much time viewing the service or product the visitor of the website spent. It's also where it's from, how old it is, and how big a screen it's viewing. Whether your potential client is a woman or a man and how many sub-pages or products on the website looked up. Through what advertising campaign he learned about you, but vice versa also from which sub-page he left the site. After how many days he returned to the site and what he bought. Also at what intervals your product or service searches again.

Evaluation of measured data

Analytics tools help you target marketing campaigns to your customers. Based on the data found, every website, social networking site, order form, company presentation can be optimized. Also, every advertising campaign disseminated by the Internet, on TV or posters in shopping centers. Also, interacting with YouTube videos or sent out "newsletters" to your customers in the mail.

Digital Marketing

Maximize conversions to 1st place

Today, visibility on the Internet is easy for anyone with enough money to 'throw away'. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is about inventing a strategy that, for a minimum of money, delivers the highest possible rate of conversions (desired goal). This effect can only be achieved if a person has a huge overview across multiple areas. Digital marketing is all about regular learning and tracking trends, as publicity opportunities are constantly expanding and modernising. The success of an ad campaign depends on a number of factors that overlap and only their interplay will produce the best possible result. It is therefore a job for a marketing specialist who tries, for the smallest possible budget, not only to bring as many people as possible to the website, but to persuade as many people as possible to buy your product or service.

Creation of responsive websites

Creation of websites

Effective presentation of the company

The website is the necessary basis for any entrepreneur. Thanks to it, it is possible to sell a product or service from the comfort of your home. I focus mainly on creating functional websites. By the term functional I mean, fast, responsive (adapted for all devices) but optimized as a priority for the user experience (UX). This means having the most transparent navigation without shopping barriers. In order for a site visitor to quickly interact and find everything needed within seconds, which will eventually greatly help in purchasing a given service or product.